Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Anugerah cinta Nabi VS Anugerah menang duniawi...


Al Mahabba Awards is an annual event that seeks to promote and reward artistic expressions of love for the Prophet Mohammed (SAW). Its aim is to provide a platform for scholars, artists, authority figures and the general public alike to come together in celebrating their love for the messenger Mohammad may Allah's Peace and blessings be upon him.
The festival is a youth based initiative that started with a dream in Al Madinah Al Monawwara. Then quickly gained momentum because of the deep love inherent in the hearts of Muslims for Prophet Muhammad, may peace and blessings be upon him, his family and his companions.
The story began one day in a northern country when a man who was confused, hateful, and passionless decided to express his distorted anger in cartoons that attempt to attack the character of the best creature ever created, not by the account of the Muslims but by humans throughout history. The name of this person will not be mentioned because the Quran said, Ina Shanaeka hoa Al Abtar.” He had his moment of fame by attacking the best man on earth. But in every disaster, there is an opportunity. The drawing has sparked a love that was hidden in the hearts of Muslims around the world; this love of all that is good and beautiful was transcendent to us through our prophet sala allaho alyhi wasalam - a true love for all of creation that responds to knowledge and embraces loving expressions. The uproar some of which was so wrong, is nothing but a proof of the flood of love this Umma has; the same love taught to us by the actions of their prophet sala allaho alyhi wasalam. This event which we pray will last forever is nothing but the opportunity that stemmed from this saga. This is the story behind this brand. A brand that is all about the love of the prophet sala allaho alyhi wasalam and love in general. Taken this love, everyone involved in this venture hopes to rekindle that spirit in the heart of all Muslims worldwide.

It is our hope that this festival may be the start of a new love story between Muslims and their prophet. We hope to give the audience, Muslim or otherwise, enough energy & passion to search for the Prophet in their lives throughout the year.
·         To encourage and evaluate artistic expressions of love for our prophet Mohammad Peace Be upon him.
·         To present these works to the public in the form of an annual world-class awards show that would rival all other appreciation events.
To give the world’s population a chance, through modern media channels, to reflect on the Prophet’s amazing personality and superior morals.
http://www.lastprophet.info/ received an international first prize on the first anniversary of its establishment. The Al-Mahabba Awards, organized under the patronage of the State President of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Muhammad bin Zayad al-Nahyan and presided over by the Prime Minister, Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayad, awarded lastprophet.info the first prize in the Mass Media category.
This year at the Al Mahabba (love) awards, which were organized for the first time in 2006 in Dubai and which determine, with the assistance of a jury, the most distinguished efforts expressing love for Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), 200 entries 28 countries participated. The prizes, which were announced at the end of the three-day festival held in the capitol of the UAE, Abu Dhabi, 24-26 April 2008, were awarded at a great ceremony in which those who had been invited many different areas participated.

In order to eliminate the negative perceptions that have occurred, particularly in Western countries, against Islam and Muslims and to counteract the widespread fear of Islam that relies on prejudice and insufficient information there have been many different undertakings. The principle aim of these undertakings is to provide correct information and to establish communication on the basis of good intentions and tolerance with those people who have not had the opportunity to become acquainted with Islam or who have received misinformation about it.

The Al Mahabba Awards, which were planned two years earlier, take as their basis the elimination of misconceptions, including the unfortunate caricature crisis, and bring together all activities that are carried out in different regions of the Islamic world. The awarding of prizes to the efforts that were exhibited in different areas during the festival will not only result in the encouragement of future undertakings and help to increase quality, but also acted as a means for bringing many people together.

The main aims of the festival that was carried out under the patronage of the State President of the United Arab Emirates was to produce and display quality and artistic endeavors connected to Prophet Muhammad, to strengthen the ties of young Muslims to Prophet Muhammad, to open new doors, forming an esthetic platform on which love for the Prophet can be expressed, and to introduce the Prophet of Islam as an exemplary personage.
In the contest the categories were books, music, advertising, film, photography, graphic arts, mass media, documentaries, television and the event of the year; in the 2006 contest very important works won prizes, for example Mustafa Akkad's The Message film won the film award, and Martin Lings' Muhammad won the book category. This year the activities were judged by a prestigious awards committee, headed up by Abdul Hakim Murad (Tim Winter), a lecturer Cambridge University Islamic Studies department. On the committee were also the Dean of the Theology Faculty of the Syrian Damascus University, Ramazan al-Buti, a famous Islamic scholar, and the founder of the Zaytuna Institute, Hamza Yusuf, as well as other important names the world of learning, arts, business and media, like Yusuf Ali, Hamdan al-Mazrui, Adbullah bin Bayah and Habib Ali al-Jifri.

The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) Museum
In the Man of the Year category for the Al-Mahabba awards the Dubai emir, Sheikh Muhammad bin Rashid al-Maktum was awarded the prize for his undertakings to open a museum that would inform the whole world of the message of Allah's final messenger, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), showing how his life gave direction to world history and dealing with the turning points of Islamic history. Such a museum is the first of its type in history.

The Relationship of Religion and Art
During the three-day festival, in which artists the Islamic world participated, there were also conferences, art and photography exhibitions, film shows and concerts.
In the conferences, in which academics and artists participated, the main theme was the relationship between art and religion and the esthetic opportunities this provides us. In the lectures that emphasized the nuances between religion, ideas and art it was stated that the relationship between art and religion is very ancient and that the arts are a positive force for people. Many of the artists and academics who participated in this program touched on the fact that artists and theologians coming together in one place was the means for the opening of a new page.

Different musical atmospheres took to the stage during the three-day festival. From America was Native Deen, Malaysia Raihan, Australia Brotherhood, with other groups and musicians participating South Africa, France, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the UAE, and Macedonia.

Among the pictures and photographs on display in the hall where the activities were held were pictures expressing children's love for Prophet Muhammad and hadiths and hilye.

The Success of Lastprophet.info
The awarding of first prize to lastprophet.info at the Al-Mahabba Love Awards Festival added to the international recognition of the page. Throughout the festival an exhibition was opened to explain to visitors the foundation, aim and goals of lastprophet.info. The lastprophet.info project offers visitors information in Turkish, English or Russian and has a rich children's page; it is classified as one of the most meaningful undertakings in the Islamic world to have been carried out after the caricature crisis. At the same time attention was drawn to the fact that its aims are in keeping with that of the Al-Mahabba 
awards, which came out against the caricature crisis.

video for watching the AL-MAHABBA AWARDS

turkey's child speeching about Rasulullah, many people cry and feeling's love so much to our Prophet, Muhammad S.A.W.

* Kalau nak dibandingkan bangsa arab amat mencintai nabi dan ini adalah sebahagian cara mereka menghidupkan suasana dan kehidupan dimana Islam diambil sebagai cara hidup, hiburan tidak haram dan digunakan dengan cara yang betul. Wallahualam.

Monday, 30 May 2011

happy birthday to our both beloved mother's twin..MARIANI & MARIANA

hari ni tanggal 30 mei, genap la umi dan kembar umi berusia 47 tahun..
semoga umi dan mak cik ana digolongkan dlm golongna org2 yang beriman..amin..

ini umi dan ayah sy bersama farah hanan (adik bongsu sy)

ini makcik ana dan suaminya bersama anak mrk y ke-10 (maizatul azzalea)
hadiah kami utk umi y sgt kami sygi...

Tidak pernah ku dengar kau mengeluh,
Kerna membanting tulang mencari rezeki untuk anakmu,
Tidak pernah ku melihat wajahmu mencemuh,
Kerna melahirkan dan membesarkanku..

Jelas di riak wajahmu ,
Terpancar sinar keceriaan,
Yang menjadi penyuluh kegembiraanku dan kejayaanku,
Sehingga ke hari ini.
Ku takut andai ku tidak dapat membalas setiap pengorbananmu,
Ku sebak andai usahaku tidak cukup untuk digelar anak mithalimu,
Ku gementar sekiranya dikau terluka dengan tingkah laku ku,
Ku cuba, umi.. Ku cuba menjadikan diriku mutiara untukmu..
Kau bagaikan bidadari dunia ini,
Dihadiahkan Allah untukku,
Penuh bahagia ku sampingmu, umi..
Kan ku hadiahkan doa buatmu di sepanjang hayatku..

ikhlas dr kami anak anak umi dan mak

 dr kami anak-anak umi (mariani)..

mohammad fikri
abdullah fahmi
loqman hakim
amir hamzah
farah hanan

dan anak-anak mak cik ana (mariana)..

maizatul anisah
maizatul azzalea

Sunday, 29 May 2011

kerana HATINYA BERSIH, tiada dosa..Allah buka jihab utk dia lihat makhluk halus

AlhamdulillahX3, lama rasanya x menulis..dengan kudrat dan tenaga yang ad, ingin saya kongsikn kisah benar yang baru shj berlaku pagi td (29 mei 2011), di teratak mahligai keluarga sy...

kisahnya bermula apabila umi menghadiri seminar perubatan tradisional, perubatan islam utk mengubati penyakit2 yang diganggu makhluk halus,jin atau yang seumpama dengannya..
balik dr seminar umi beli 1 cd bacaan yng dibacakan dr surah2 dan ayat2 pilihan bg mengusir jin...

pagi td ayah pn pasang la cd tu dan sambungkan dengan beberapa speaker di dlm rumah..menjadikan teratak mahligai kami bergema dgn ayat2 al-quran...

apabila ayat2 tersebut bergema di segenap ruang rumah kami, adik bongsu sy yang bernama farah hanan mula tersedar dr tidur dan berlari kearah umi,sambil menjerit, 
"umi2, ad hantu nk gigit tangan hanan"

umi dan ayah segera menghampiri hanan dan bertanya kt mna lg ad hantu... die pn tunjuk kt situ umi..kt situ ayah ad 2...
ayah ty lg kpd hanan.."hantu tu warna ape...??" dan segera hanan menjawab.."warna hitam kepala botak..."
ayah pn segera melibas kain dan membaca bbrp potong ayat quran utk menghalau makhluk tersebut..

masyaallah, hanan y berusia 3 thn, sgt petah berkata2,
dlm keadaan muka ya ketakutan menunjuk kpd umi ayah dimana lg ad makhluk tersebut..
"tu....atas katil.."...
ayah membacakan lg bbrp potong ayat quran...hanan pn menjerit "hantu tu lari bawah katil ayah..."

mungkin kedengaran seperti lucu..tp ini adlah kisah benar...
adikku farah hanan yang Allah bukakan jihab pandangn ,matanya utk melihat makhluk halus tersebut...

Alhamdulillah setakat in shj perkongsian sy dr mawar biru..
kejadian td benar2 menjadi pengajaran buat kami sekeluarga,,
utk memelihara teratak mahligai kami dr menjadi sarang makhluk halus..

AlhamdulillahX3..setelah dipasangkan berulang-ulang cd yang menbacakan ayat menghalau makhluk halus..kami bertaya kpd hanan, "ad x lg hanan nmpak hantu"..kemuadian hanan menjawab.."xde..xde"...


Monday, 23 May 2011

Seloka HARI GURU buat guru-guru SeRIA...


Alhamdulillah X3 dengan sedikit kudrat y dipinjamkan Allah, mengizinkan jari-jemari anugerah Allah ni menari menyampaikan ilham Allah buat pembaca-pembaca yang setia..

ini adalah pengalaman pertama sy bergelar sebagai seorang pendidik, sepanjang persembahan drpd pelajar-pelajar Sek Ren Ibnu Abbas air mata kadang-kala membasahi pipi..sungguh terharu hati ini...
jiwa kanak-kanak yang bersih, tanpa dosa...membuatkan diri ini lahir 1001 kasih syg buat mereka yang mula mengenal erti kehidupan ini...


Mereka lahir tanpa dosa, suci bersih ibarat kain putih, menjadi tanggungjawab ibu bapa serta guru-guru mencorakkan kehidupan mereka...biah disekeliling mereka diambil sebagai proses mencorakkan kehidupan, pengalaman yang dilalui sebagai iktibar utk mematangkan diri mereka sebagai persedia menghadapi alam dewasa mereka...

MASYAALLAH, sungguh cantik susunan Allah dlm mengatur kehidupan manusia...

hari ini, ingin sekali sy berkongsi seloka yang dideklomasikan oleh adik Zulfadli dan adik syahmi dr thn 5 Sek Ren Ibnu Abbas pd 20 Mei yang lalu mencipta memori indah buat warga pendidik.. 

Assalamualaikum pembuka bicara,
Buat tatapan untuk semua,
Niat kami cuma bergurau senda,
Sempena hari guru hari yang mulia.

Ibnu Abbas nama diberi,
 Mendidik kami berbudi pekerti,
Pn Hajjah Zaini nama diberi,
Itulah dia guru besar kami.

Orangnya tinggi lampai,
Bila mengajar serius sekali,
Terdengar suaranya buat kami jd sepi,
Teacher Rahmah orangnya digeruni.

Dua putra Lima putri,
Anak bongsunya sgt berisi,
Muallimah Maiha ibu mithali,
Membuat kami tak kering gusi.

Mualliamah Hamidah empunya nama,
Tidak rendah tidak juga tinggi,
Anak-anaknya memanggilnya mama,
Mengajar kami dengan sepenuh hati.

Kalau makan suka yang sedap,
Bial berjalan tersangat la cepat,
Muallim Ismail orangnya tegap,
Banyak'claim' boleh dibuat.

DAtang sekolah menaiki iswara,
Boleh dikatakan usahawan berjaya,
Berhukum hakam menjadi sebutan,
Maklum la ustaz Suffian katakan.

Orangnya aktif berkaca mata,
Bila bercakap tak henti-henti,
bila mengajar serius sekali,
Muallimah Azzah empunya diri.

Jangan disakiti, jangan diusik,  
takut nanti darahnya naik,
Muallimah Hanisah orangnya cantik,
Juga pengurus taska yang baik.

Teacher Ashjura cantik bergaya,
Tahun 1 dialah gurunya,
Sabar melayan kerenah mereka,
Bercita-cita menjadi ibu yang berjaya.

Orangnya kecil rajin sekali,
Mengajar kami subjek sains,
Muallimah Shabatun nama diberi,
bila tersenyum buat kami jatuh hati.

Bercermin mata sedikit berisi,
Suka bergurau setiap masa,
Muallim baihaqi riuh sekali,
Rotan ditangan setiap masa.

Selalu diminta memberi tazkirah, 
Berbadan tegap handsome sekali,
Rumahnya terletak di belakang sekolah, 
Siapa lagi kalau bukan Ustaz Ghani.

Datang awal pagi pulang lewat petang,
Memegang jawatan guru perpustakaan,
Dari sabah orangnya datang,
Muallimah fida itu gerangannya.

Orangnya kurus lembut sekali,
Membawa kereta 1 malaysia,
Muallimah Noriani secantik namanya,
Menjadi guru kelas tahun 5.

"ye dok, dok gitu" ungkapan sehari-hari,
dari Terengganu datang kemari,
Muallimah Sa'adah nama diberi, 
Menjaga koperasi setiap hari.

Dari pembantu menjadi guru, 
Muallimah nora gerangan orangnya,
Mengajar tahun 1 tanpa jemu, 
Senyumannya tak lekang di bibir.

Orangnya kecil berkulit putih, 
Rumahnya terletak di sungai isap,
Muallimah Ilani nama dipilih,
Telefon berbunyi terus lesap.

Datang sekolah berkereta viva,
Bewajah lembut berkaca mata,
Bila mengajar kami gembira,
Dialah Muallimah rohaiza.

Bertugas sebagai guru ganti,
Guru ganti Muallimah Suhana,
Muallimah Munirah empunya diri,
Bila mengajar semua terpana.

Berakhir sudah seloka kami,
Maaf dipinta andai terasa,
guru-guru yang kami sayangi,
Kami doakan agar sentiasa bahagia.

Setakat ini sahaja perkongsian sy dr mawar biru, 
mawar biru adalah muallimah munirah =)
doa sy buat warga pendidik, juga sahabat2 seperjungan sy..
jgn pernah mengalah dan merebah dr medan ini..
ini adalah tugas mulia..
ini juga adalah sebahagian dr sunnah Rasulullah, 
menjadi pendidik kepada ummat..
smg sumbangan kalian diredhai Allah swt..